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 I wrote my first children’s book on the values of kindness. I was then offered a wonderful opportunity to assist the less fortunate in Los Angeles, California by creating a coloring book about kindness to animals for a charity event. This was such a joyful experience that it prompted me to create a memory card game about the values of kindness. This led me to self publish this set of children’s books and a memory card game to enhance the values of kindness for our children to learn and teach. It is through the innocence of children and the values instilled in them that we will all embrace a kinder, more loving world.

I love that this book can be used as a guide to teach children important values that are often forgotten in our society today. Once they understand and recognize these words, they are more apt to practice them in their daily life. My children weren't sure what the word courteous meant until we read and discussed it. In the book, there are very good explanations of the values that are on young children's levels.

Jeni Baxter ~ Mom of 3

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Get a terrific deal on this set if you purchase all three together. These books and card set reinforce the values of kindness and work very well together to explain those values. May you find enjoyment in your journey to embrace the values of kindness and may we all create a kinder place for all living beings to exist. Thank you for your purchase. 

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It is Perfect to be Kind to Animals

It is Perfect to be Kind to Animals, is a fun interactive coloring/activity book that will teach children how to be kind to animals. It will show them from a pet’s point of view what a pet considers to be kind treatment.

This book is a great tool in teaching children special ways to give kind care to their pets. They will be asked to create pictures of the different characters being kind to their pets.

The book ends with an opportunity for them to write their own story about how they treat their pets with kindness. It will also ask them to color a picture of themselves being kind to their pet. This book is great for children from about 4 to 10 years of age.

It is Perfect to be Just Who You Are!

It is Perfect to be Just Who You Are, is a wonderful story that teaches children to be who they are while allowing others to be who they are. This book also teaches the values of kindness. Values like being Honest, Forgiving, Sharing, Accepting, Grateful, Patient, Helpful, Courteous and Gentle.

 It teaches how to be each of these values. It also asks the child to name other ways to be each of these values to create discussions or just creative thinking.  It has beautiful color pictures and is a great book for children from about 4 to 10 years of age.

The Kindness Memory Game

The Kindness Memory Card Game allows groups of children to gather together and practice the values of kindness…sharing, patience, honesty and being courteous to each other as they take turns trying to find matching cards.

This card set was designed to match the book, It is Perfect to be Just Who You Are, and to teach in a fun, fast-paced game the same values discussed in that book. This game can be enjoyed by children from 5 to 12 years of age. This is a fun family game.

Pete, The Brave Pelican Firefighter


Pete, The Brave Pelican Firefighter

Join Pete on his journey to overcome the teasing of other birds who claim he will never be like they are. Warm to the loving encouragement of his parents as they remind him that he is already a wonderful Pelican. Cheer him on as he practices and practices his own special talents until one day he accomplishes his goal. Then marvel at the way he uses his special talents to save the birds, the same birds who teased him, from imminent danger!

This book is an enjoyable journey that will be best for young children Preschool to 2nd grade.

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