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Karen Nicksich, Author

Veronica listens to what her heart tells her and has the gift to translate the messages she receives from the angels into amazing and inspiring stories for children.

Michelle Jamison, Mom

Colton really liked both books. He enjoyed “It is Perfect to be Kind to Animals” the best because he is an animal lover.

Billy Boy, Grandparent

The books I got from you for the grandkids are great!!   They are educational and a great training tool.  

Anchor 1

My Children Loved the activity/coloring book "It is Perfect to be Kind to Animals". They enjoyed the explanations of how each pet was kindly taken care of by the owner. They had fun coloring pictures of animals being treated kindly. I love how the book shares values and tells how you can be gentle, helpful, forgiving, patient, sharing, accepting, and caring towards animals and pets. As my children (9, 7, and 4) and I discussed how we can be kind to each animal, they gave good examples of how they have applied this to their own pets.

Jeni Baxter, Mom

Children's Books
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