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What is an angel card reading?

An angel card reading is gentle, loving, positive guidance provided to you by your angels and divine guidance. It is always a very uplifting experience.

Before each reading I pray to my higher power, God, and ask for guidance. I ask your angels and any of your guides or loved ones on the other side to join us in a reading specifically for your highest and best good.

I create an environment of love and peace and open myself up to insight from those that join us.

I will ask you to choose the decks that call to you and then begin to pull cards for your reading. I will then share with you the meanings that come to me through the cards. At times I may even share some special messages from those on the other side that continue to grace your life with their presence.

These messages are for you from your angels, guides, and loved ones. The best thing of all is that this guidance is just that, guidance. It will never override your freedom of choice and is therefore always changing depending on the choices that you make.

When to get a reading?

It is nice to have an angel card reading any time you have questions or need a little guidance.

A single card reading can give you guidance for the day or an answer to a specific question.

A three card reading can give you insight into a situation by looking at past influences, present influences, and possible future influences.

A twelve card reading delves deeper into past, present, and future influences and adds to the reading a possible outcome.

Remember future and outcome are always influenced by your freedom of choice and the reading is based on your continuing to follow the same path without making changes.

It is also important to first tune into the messages that come from your own intuition. Our angels, guides, and loved ones are always sending messages.

Notice things that appear on your path: favorite flowers, favorite birds, favorite songs, a special movie or even an event or smell that reminds you of someone on the other side and know that this is their way of saying hello and they are near.

Our angels and guides often send us coins, feathers, songs, birds, butterflies, clouds, overheard conversations, books, numbers and many other signs to guide us and let us know that we are always supported by their love.

Pay special attention to anything that appears in threes, this is a common way for the angels to communicate messages to you.

I rarely remember the messages that I share with you because they are meant only for you. Please take notes, for future reference, if you choose to enjoy a reading with me.

May the angels guide your path, bless your days, and keep you comforted through your lifetime.


Veronica Ortiz

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