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Angels are Gods Messengers

Have you ever had an experience that you couldn't explain?

One afternoon on my way to work I approached an intersection and the light was green for me. As I got closer to the intersection I heard a quiet but insistent voice inside my car saying slow down, stop, look both ways. I was surprised at this sudden caution I was doing the speed limit and being very attentive. I heeded this advice and brought my car to a stop at the green light and as I looked to the left a green pickup truck came flying through the intersection. Had I not acknowledged and followed that quiet insistent voice the small car I was traveling in would have been hit at a very high rate of speed on the drivers side door...right where I was sitting. I know this was a gift from God.

I know angels exist and that God has a plan for all of us and from time to time he sends us angelic assistance along our path to help us find our way through his plan. I am grateful.


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